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36 palms Infinity pool

About Us-
Boutique Hotel

Exceptional Relaxation at 36 Palms

36 Palms is a unique boutique beach retreat combining traditional Kerala design with modern influences. Enjoy maximum rejuvenation and relaxation benefits from the beautiful natural surrounds at our small luxury hotel. Swim in our infinity swimming pool, step down to the beach or stroll through the village to the nearby backwaters for the perfect experiential travel in Cherai, Kerala..

The Design

Our boutique hotel combines natural materials such as Ecuadorian plantation teak, local red wood and laterite stone with antique Keralan pillars and furniture. Handcrafted outdoor furniture and other design features lend the property its beautiful and relaxed tone. Large windows and decks provide spectacular sunsets over the Arabian sea. Waking early, you can witness early morning Keralan fishing rituals and view dolphins at play. Come and experience 36 Palms.

Why 36 Palms?

There are 36 palms growing in our beautiful coconut garden - all of which are incorporated into our design and provide beauty, shade and lots of coconuts. Come and count them for yourself and enjoy a fresh coconut water directly from one of the 36 palms.

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