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       Kathakali Dance Performance


The traditional dance drama of Kerala, it dates from the 17th century and is rooted in Hindu mythology. Kathakali is one of the most complicated, highly stylized Indian art forms that is basically a Dance Drama noted for its heavy and attractive larger than life makes up, elaborate costumes, detailed body movements, synchronized eye-hands movements and thematic presentation of stories with rhythmic steps.50-60 mins away from 36 palms by combination of Car and ferry

the dutch palace

                 The Dutch Palace


The Dutch Palace is a beautiful palace that was originally built by the Portuguese. It was only during the 17th century that the Dutch took it over, modified it and then presented it to the Raja of Kochi.The main attractions here are the outstanding collection of mural paintings found inside. 75 mins away from 36 palms by Car


                Jewish Synagogue


Explore the charming Fort Cochin, visit Jewish Synagogue. Fort  Kochi  is a  small colonial town  located near the  large  city of  Ernakulam.Jewish synagogue built in Jew Town in 1568 is a beautiful structure. This place of worship attracts numerous visitors every year because of its impressive furnishings.

50-60 mins away from 36 palms by combination of Car and ferry


             Alleyppey Houseboat


Alappuzha is a watery heaven of interlinking canals, seemingly endless paddy fields, and perennially swaying coconut trees. The best view of this landslip is from outside, from the Alleppey houseboats cruising through the backwaters.

Travelling in a houseboat in Alleppey is not just a matter of exquisite window views. It is an enchanting experience in itself. The cool breeze, the occasional migratory birds, and seasonal rains make the boat ride a unique experience that you can savour forever. 

Chinese fishing nets

              Chinese Fishing Nets


Kochi has been luring wanderers and traders for over 600 years and remains a living homage to its varied colonial past: giant fishing nets influenced by Chinese merchants.This is the only location in the entire world outside of China where such fishing nets can be seen in use.

10-15 mins away from 36 palms by Car


         The St. Francis Church


The St. Francis Church is the oldest church in India to have been built by the Europeans. The famous Portuguese trader Vasco da Gama's well known for reaching India from Europe by sea instead of by the usual overland route. The church is famous for being the initial burial place for Vasco Da Gama.

50-60 mins away from 36 palms by combination of Car and ferry

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