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The Science of Positive and Negative pranic (Life) food

What kind of food we should eat?  Learn the concept of the positive food and the negative food…

Food is necessary to fill us with energy, but what if the food we eat is taking away the energy from our body. 

Food is like the fuel for the body, if we put right kind of fuel in the machine only then it will function to its full capabilities. A gasoline engine can be made to run on Diesel, but at much lesser efficiency and compromising its lifespan.


Likewise, the food that we eat mindlessly or under the compulsion of taste buds are killing our body, refraining our body from a healthy lifespan and moving us towards ailments.  

The very simple example of this could be the experience of people that have went through the naturopathy treatment.  In a 3 week treatment the first thing they deprive you of is FOOD. Surprisingly in a weeks’ time all the vital health stats – Blood pressure, Sugar, Stress – starts coming to normal.  

So the question is what kind of food we should eat.

Broadly the food that we eat can be classified into three categories.   

  • Positive Pranic   

  • Negative Pranic   

  • Neutral  

Pranic means something that imparts life, it is derived from the root word Pra which means Life

Negative Pranic Food 

The list of negative pranic food is quite small, but most of the items that falls in this category are addictive and also nervous stimulants. They can give a kick/ energy boost for a moment but in the long run they tend to withdraw the energy from the body.    

Here is that short list. 

  • Garlic 

  • Onion 

  • Asafoetida (a popular Indian Spice called as Hing in Hindi) 

  • Chili (Green Pepper/ Red Pepper) 

  • Egg Plant (destroys a bit of Hypothalamus – part of the brain that helps in decision making) 

  • Coffee  

  • Tea 

  • Intoxicants  

Garlic tops the chart as biggest negative pranic food. Garlic is good to be taken only as a medicine (for controlling cholesterol) but not as a daily food item.     

How do negative pranic foods destroy the body?  

The body has its own ways of storing the energy in many layers. When we are fasting, we do feel hungry when it’s our usual time to eat. But if we resist hunger and don’t eat the body releases a quota of energy and we are back full of energy. Likewise a human being can survive without food in a healthy way for 8 days.  If we are using excessive nervous stimulants (Coffee/ Tea), then the body’s way of storing and distributing energy goes for a toss. 

The body starts releasing energy in a haphazard way, since we do not have control over it. The mornings cannot be bright mornings without Coffee.  

ZERO Pranic food  

These type of foods provide lethargic and laziness in the body and tends to increase sleep quota.   

  • Potatoes (and its family)   

  • Tomatoes  

An active healthy adult can eat them, but in case we have any joint pains or Arthritis then it’s better to avoid.

These foods tend to increase sleep quota,  sleep is inertia and it leads to biggest inertia that a human being can experience i.e. death.  

Positive Pranic Food  

These types of food can enhance alertness, nervous systems, and intellect in the body.   

  • Fruits   

  • Vegetables   

  • Nuts   

  • Sprouted Grams   

  • Dried fruits  

Among the positive category foods, Ash Gourd and Honey are considered to be highly highly positive food types.

  1. 1. Ash Gourd (an Ash Gourd juice in the morning can surprisingly enhance intellect and alertness)   

  2. 2. Honey – Its chemical composition is almost equal to blood, its good for alertness and resolving anemic conditions  

Like a different kind of fuel is needed for different vehicles (Truck, Car, Sports Car) in a similar way human body also requires a typical kind of food. It also matters how well the food is cooked. An overcooked food can destroy the nutrients and let you eat garbage.   

I hope the blog will help you rethink about your food and eating habits and you find some valuable piece of information in this.  

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